The most popular email service across the world is back with its new and multifaceted updates and feature for its 1.4 billion users with an ambition to be more productive and provide more safe semblance for its users especially its business customers. Here is the list of updates to look for that are part of this new makeover of G suite:

Gmail Security Updates:

A new confidential mode is added to the list of Gmail security by which users are now able to limit the activities of a recipient by locking their emails. Users can set their mails in such a way that they cannot be forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed. This feature is implemented with an idea to eliminate record of an email from both sender and recipient list box after a fixed duration of time regarded as the expiry date of emails. With this new policy of expiry date on emails, it’s easy to enhance the level of security of confidential or business emails.

Response Reminders:

On bringing this new refresh blueprint, Google is planning to emphasize more on artificial intelligence, so it comes forward with a new “nudging feature” that reminds the users to respond or follow up on its essential emails like an alarm clock. Sometimes it’s tough to handle the incoming flood of emails on your screen so this snooze and response feature with its time stamp helps a user to keep the record of its important mails from the rest.

Unsubscribe Option:

Many times we get a lot of emails that left as unreadable. So under this unsubscribe option, Gmail will ask the users to unsubscribe such emails from the inbox. This new feature will help users to maintain their inbox with time-to-time clearance of such unwanted or any less important left over.

Smart Reply:

A circuit of three responses is devised for Gmail users based on the content of an email a person received. It’s entirely optional for a user either to go with three quick replies and hit the send option or to ignore all three and craft its response. With an idea of time management, Gmail tune its smart reply suggestions to make it more user-friendly.

Choice of Layouts and a New Visual:

In the era of changing profiles, how can one get struck with same layouts for Gmail, so another feature that highlights redesign of Gmail is choices of layouts like comfortable view layout, small view layout? Apart from layouts, some more changes are also going to entertain Gmail users such as Gmails’ fonts from Arial to product sans for interface elements and Roboto for messages that will enhance the readability of words on mobile apps.

All these changes are to serve users with excellent and safe quality services. Google is expected to address all the issues that may come while updating the system or during the flow of services and hence it’s a golden time for all Gmail users to access new and advanced features of quality replica watches rolex replica