AI In Smartphones

AI and deep learning are the new USPs for any millennial-era devices launched in the market. Talking about the basic necessity of human life (as they say), the smartphone, it is imperative for every mid-range smartphone maker and above to include AI in their specs sheet. The glamorous AI-backed camera, face recognition technology and the inclusion of voice assistant is a way to convey the ‘premiumness of a device.’

With all this, the question remains, “Is it possible to experience Artificial Intelligence in devices priced at Rs.6999?” What are the companies selling in the name of light AI, Edge AI, and AI?

Let me take it step by step for you to make it conclusive and not open ended. I am including the various features that are supported by AI, what is the hardware that can offer such features and how companies are using them as a charm on you. Mind you, I will just speak of the smartphones here.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is anything where a machine is able to reason/make decisions which are not explicitly defined in its rule book.

When it comes to smartphones, the chipset is its brain. The chipsets have AI capabilities to back a phone with AI features.

Examples of chipsets including AI related hardware include:

  • Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 970 neural processing unit (NPU)
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 Hexagon 685 DSP AI platform
  • Apple’s A11 Bionic Neural Engine
  • MediaTek Helio P60

Features In a Mobile Backed by AI (Inclusive of Hardware):

  1. Camera:

How famous is the Bokeh mode which blurs out the backdrop and focuses on the center to deliver astounding pictures? Fancy right! From Qualcomm 700s and 800s series to MediaTek’s Helio P series, every mobile phone has the portrait mode. Take, for example, the newly launched Realme 2 Pro is said to have AI backed photography as a feature. The Google Pixel 2 uses a technology named RAISR which has AI features in its phones, permitting digital zoom. From a 10k device to a 70k device, the word AI remains constant.

  1.  Voice Assistants:

The AI feature in a smartphone helps improve the quality and responsiveness of voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant etc. In recent times, companies like Samsung have also ventured into AI voice recognition technology with its product named as Bixby. The latest Kirin and Qualcomm devices have done justice with this feature. So, you do not have to buy an iPhone to experience Siri, there are clones to it. The devices with voice assistants now-a-days go beyond than just replying to questions.

  1. Security:

Apple iPhone X uses an AI based algorithm for the Face recognition system that is in place. Brought together with Apple’s elaborate hardware, the feature works well to unlock the phone. This feature is also found in MediaTek Helio P60 powered devices, which vouch to get premium at an affordable price. Though from my personal experiments, some of the devices like Xiaomi Poco F1 didn’t unlock with eyes closed or through photographs,  I saw Oppo F9 Pro opening with my eyes shut and I just wonder what people can do when I am sleeping. However, for the namesake the feature is found in every XYZ phone now-a-days.

  1. User Behavior:

Have you ever noticed your Google searches being guided by your previous searches? All thanks to the developments in AI, all of the devices (having internet, PS: do not think of Nokia 1130) have user behavior analysis as a distinctive feature to generate better search results pan platforms.

So, a good hardware and a fine enough phone can let you experience AI?

Well, to be practical, the smartphone companies are smart. With any little inclusion of an AI feature, they promote the brand with that specification as the USP. In the real world, the concept of AI is beyond a photogenic camera and accurate face unlock. Having said this, I can just say that we are getting there (where technology will change) but it is a long way. The brands have sprinted well but there is a lot more to run for which is worth the wait and research. So, fasten your seatbelts because, by 2025, you are going to experience the clutter-breaking face of AI. fake watches replica fake rolex replica