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Deepanshu Agarwal

Tech Evangelist, Machine Learning Expert, Product Architect & Startup Enabler

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Who am I?

Coder by choice and perennially lost in Deep Thought!

Take an awesome bowl, add two cups of organized laziness, a cup of terrible puns and dissolve in 500ml of deep thought. Now add two spoons of cynisism, a healthy heaping of introversion, and half a bowl of calm composure. Now take a screwdriver - Yes a screwdriver and stir well. Put on a rock song in the background and bake it in the intense heat of logic. Voila! Deepanshu Agarwal is ready to go.

What am I known for?

I have Developed over 40 products both on web and mobile platform, I also have experience as a Agile Specialist, Scrumm Master and Product Designer. I also have experience in Big Data Analysis and NLP.

Founded TheStartupToday a startup media company and Ascian Solutions a website development and marketing solutions company

What am I into?

Tech and Gadgets

If its made of silicone and has electricity running through its veins, I already love it.


Being an entrepreneur myself, I believe thoughts and ideas can actually change the world.


Life is a game. I play it like every other MMORPG, just the farming time is too long.

Fringe Science

I often like to think of the things lurking beyond the edge. Simply by the act of observing this description you have changed it.


It's not food, it is a perishable art that must be savoured at the peak of perfection, the perfect foodgasm for the body and soul.


Possibly my favorite pastime and source of inspiration. If you can't appreciate anime, you are doing something wrong.


Cups of Coffee


Hours of Cycling


Slices of Pizza


Happy Clients

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